Hi, I'm Carol

I grew up listening to Under The Influence with marketing wizard Terry O'Reilly every Saturday afternoon on CBC Radio. I hung on his every word as he shared stories that revealed why some campaigns and brands were successful and why others flopped.

I could see how persuasion really is an art.

I didn't consider marketing or advertising as a career path until I had spent 15 years in university teaching and in academic leadership roles. As life-long learner and multi-passionate explorer, I also studied and became certified as a dating and relationship coach. I then turned to advertising so I could transform my side hustle coaching practice into a full-fledged business.

It wasn't long before I jumped into the deep end with Facebook ads - courses, workshops, certifications and trial and error - lots of it! My focus shifted from coaching to mastering a challenging field that brings together my love of research, psychology, sociology, learning and the art of persuasion.

Advertising is fun and I love it. I'm good at it. If we work together, you'll soon see what my kids know: my passion for advertising is contagious. I'm honoured to be able to use my knowledge, skills and insights in partnership with businesses and companies who are making a difference in the world.

"to love what you do and feel like it matters,

how could anything be more fun?"


What Clients Say...

Regina Martinelli - Coach & Course Creator

"I had over 780 Facebook leads that were cold. Of those that went to the sales page, 5% converted. ... with Carol, you actually have the confidence to put your money behind your ads."

Nancy Rieves, Ed.D. - Fundraising Maximized

“I 3x the number of people who signed up for my webinars and the show up rate was really great… working with Carol is a delight.”

Marcus Bird - The Centre for Conscious Entrepreneurs

"If you are looking for an amazing Facebook ad expert ... someone who can really help you take your marketing a whole new level, I would highly recommend Carol."

Erin Blackwell - Erin Blackwell Studio

"If you are considering working with Carol, I say go for it... I enjoy working with her on a personal level and a professional level and she has really taken my ads further than I had even hoped."


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